Try barbecue (kepsnine) and you will not regret

The artifacts that we use to make barbecues are generally no more than a structure on which we assemble some meats to be cooked with the heat of firewood, a few changes have been made to this concept, but when we know the grill (grilis) of kamado have exceeded any expectations with regards to aesthetics and functionality, are a few beautiful art pieces in any color which is chosen among black, green, blue and red with the enameled tone plus work as a grill and as an oven, have an interior Clay that diffuses heat evenly and heats evenly to maintain the fug and vapor on the right temperatures for the function we use, be it an oven or barbecue, they have a steam regulator plus a thermometer to greater precision, one of many statements made in their advertising be sure that from now on we’ll use the oven to deal with cookbooks and this although they sound e funny is apparently true, if we tried the grill (grilis) as well as the oven of these models never desire to be inside cooking, we approach it outside within the garden or terrace from the heat from the embers and with the smell of firewood.

Each avocado we create within this barbecue provides the smoked flavor that reminds us with the countryside and garden parties, suited to cooking meats, poultry, fish and vegetables together with the perfect reason for cooking tweaking firmness, with multiple accessories for example double level grill we can cook the entire dinner in an exceedingly short time and without messing dishes and pans, we merely place the meat on a single level and also the vegetables on another, after serving dinner we close the lid as well as in a few seconds we will have the hot bread as fresh out of the oven, all while going for a cool and pleasant night along with your partner or friends, there is little change compare with this experience.