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Online games have undergone a huge development in recent years, primarily motivated by the globalization of the Net as a tool, its easy entry and the existing importance of the virtual world, they have people around the earth, forming an incredibly broad along with competitive local community, where its members seek to get to the elite in this virtual entire world. In addition, these kind of games have got different styles, modalities, along with platforms in which they are available, trying to adapt to your particular needs maybe preferences.

In that sense, one of the games who have had the maximum impact within the public has become PUBG, this hugely multiplayer game has had fantastic acceptance and incredibly good critiques, is one of the most favored in recent years, having a lot of gamers, being attractive thanks to the competitiveness it offers and the way entertaining that can be. Consequently, it is important to use a tool in which can increase overall performance within the online game, favoring competitiveness looking to reach higher levels to get part of the top-notch of the local community.

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