The Golem QT Wallet platform can be used to solve a wide variety of tasks.

The actual cryptocurrency golem (more often its name is found abbreviated because GNT) is essentially the digital foreign currency, virtual money, electronic cash, and a decentralized computer network, it is a next generation cryptocurrency, a decentralized payment program, a computer network, through which you should buy or market your processing capacity GNT QT Wallet in the peer-to-peer environment.

A lot of different electronic currencies make it difficult to select the most encouraging and interesting ones for purchase. Golem Core Wallet has very good privacy; just about all calculations are performed on a electronic computer. In this instance, the providers can not modify the processing by any means. They also do not have access to the prepared information. Everyone can get coins, even people away from cryptocurrencies. To get this done, simply set up the desired plan on your PC.
The Golem QT token is only sold in pairs with BTC, DOGE, ETH as well as USDT cryptocurrency (digital Us all dollar). The particular currency doesn’t have its own Golem QT Wallet, because GNT, in fact, is not a cryptocurrency, but a good Ethereum network token. To store Golem, you should use the Exodus multi-coin wallet. Every other analog will even work (for example, Ethereum Wallet).

The main drawback of the Golem Core program, so far, may be called a very few users. The woking platform should attract IT energy providers and customers. In April 2018, those wishing to rent their pc skills were not easy to find consumers. Golem is a program without hope. It is about the style ideas of the developers. Now, the blockchain undertaking of Golem QT is in the process of a thought and a gradual development (previously 1 year ago!), The builders so far have already been very close to the actual promotion. Earlier, the Golem Core forex was in the tenth invest terms of complete capitalization: its idea am successful that numerous people in the religion alone obtained a coin. Nevertheless the currency fell to the 40th place by the use of capital words, people lost this trust, the design froze.

There are many beautiful terms in the project, many can speculate with this coin, increasing and elevating its training course, but, generally, everything is poor. The very idea of the project is great, the performance is null. It is unlikely that the undertaking team finishes it. Indeed, maybe, the developers still get to work, nevertheless it would not depend on that. This is unlikely.