Teer – a form of archery is the native sport of the state of Meghalaya

In the northern east Native indian state of Meghalaya wagering popularly happens through an archery video game called teer. This game is not only utilized as a gambling tool but additionally popularly enjoyed by the locals of the state. However, just how much invested in wagering of this activity usually ranges to about handful of juwai teer result night lakhs of Indian rupees every single day.

Teer is principally popular in the Meghalaya state

Teer is an age-old game took part the Himalayan state Meghalaya and is broadly played by the natives with the state. The gambling occurs in a significant quantity in the Meghalayan money Shillong. The state federal government is working towards the total removal of the gambling part from the sport as teer is archery and the ability of the natives can take these quite forward in the global platform regarding archery.

Teer results are right now announced on the internet as well

The state run teer results will be announced online from the official teer authority of the condition. If you want to take a look at teer results of any tournament henceforth simply visit the established teer authority’s website or perhaps visit teer result internet site and you can obtain the latest updates about the result of Shillong teer tournament.

Hence, if you desire any further up-date on this local sport you’ll be able to visit the official teer authority internet site of the Meghalayan state and assistance them the particular promote archery as an international sports activity among the locals and work on making teer a sport free from wagering.