Siacoin core wallet download. Discover how Sia works

When we speak about data storage, we have different options at our hands, from CDs, pendrived, external computer drives, etc. However, this Hardware where we keep the data are given to suffer physical damage, so in modernity, we decide to use network storage.

These “drivers” provide us with some space (whether free or paid) to upload our files, documents, etc. and them there. But, they aren’t exceptions to hackers and data losses. The pioneers are DropBox and Google Drive, however, there is an alternative and it is Sia.

Sia is a storage platform based on peer to peer, open source and the use of blockchain technology. This platform guarantees security and reliability to store any type of document, becoming the initial decentralized platform on earth. How does Sia work?

1. The platform is liable for segmenting the file at 30, before uploading, and each will go to hosts all over the world. This helps to ensure that there will be no errors on any host. These segments are set up using Reed-Solomon erasure coding technology. This enables 10 or 30 segments to totally recover the file.

2. Each file segment is encrypted, so it will be safer than stores like Amazon. Sia uses the Twofish algorithm for encryption.

3. The files already segmented and encrypted are shipped to the servers by intelligent contracts, they give the price as well as other aspects associated. These are in Sia’sblockchain.

1. Revenues and servers are paid with Siacoins. There comes our wallet Siacoin Core Download, which facilitates this payment process for the exchange of services.

2. Every 90 days, Sia usually renew the file contracts automatically. In case it does not renew, sia returns each coin to the account of the client or the server.

Now knowing how Sia works, consider it an excellent option for the safe storage of your files. And, with the Siacoin QT available for all operating systems your life will be facilitated around the payment of the hosts, as also the Siacoin core interface is very simple to use. Enter the link and download Siacoin core wallet to start using Sia.