Discover how to manage your digital assets with Bytom Wallet

The BTM Wallet is an innovative tool made to make it easier for companies to manage digitized assets, solving the issues presented from the administration between physical and digitized businesses. This promising project was developed by DuanXinxing and Chang Jia. His idea when designing the platform would have been to allow users to join up assets as fast and quickly as possible. This project is able to allow users, businesses and small merchants to make applications of financial and digital assets through Bytom Wallet Download.

Enter the current world, allowing your money to begin to come back a new turn, creating channels between physical and digital businesses, therefore we recommend employing this new application since its architecture are operating in three layers: the applying Layer, anything Layer, and the Shared Distributed Ledger Book Layer, allowing a fabulous organization and simplification inside the accounting process for anyone people who lack time.

The process to obtain the program is pretty simple; download the Bytom Wallet Github, then access the platform where you can register the assets and projects, this configuration works with for Mac, Windows, and Linux programs. Then a file is extracted, giving an individual click for the icon that will be displayed, opening the configuration window as well as in this way you need to choose the word “join the key Bytom network”, creating the alias and password in the account, and From that moment on, your digitized portfolio is going to be created, start to store your Bytom cryptocurrencies inside.

With this striking medium, it is going to allow the user to express, build and consume information, from applications of financial and digitized assets, without interference from the centralized intermediary, where different assets from the companies (bonds, dividends, stocks, and the like) , can be stored and marketed with different companies worldwide from the blockchain protocol, in the role of a link to build the chains with registered users, keeping the input total privacy, and allowing users to get their cryptocurrencies secure in their folders .